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    • Toss Woollaston, The Hohonu 1965

Toss Woollaston (NZ)

The Hohonu, 1965

Woollaston’s path to the vigorously compressed space of The Hohonu is a journey of artistic discovery that begins with his first “excited” childhood glimpse of Paul Cézanne’s post-impressionism. Recalling the importance of this moment in 1988 Toss Woollaston (1910-1998) said “for some reason I couldn’t stop… Read more
    • Garth Tapper, The Racecourse, 1976

Garth Tapper (NZ)

Racecourse, 1976

Languid. An antipodean exhaustion – half pleasure, half resignation. The variety of haptic and emotional sensations conveyed by this painting are exquisitely nuanced given the strident tonal, colour and shape contrasts. Garth Tapper (1927-1999) was a master of the gestures of every part of the body.… Read more
    • Lipika Sen and Prabhjyot Majithia, Tricky Box 5 - The Curious Indian Water Well, 2014; photo by Rob Garrett
    • 10th NZSOS biennial, 2014 exhibition map
    • Rob Garrett onsite at NZ Sculpture OnShore 2014-11-05
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10th Sculpture OnShore

6-16 November 2014, Auckland NZ

Looking out, looking back and looking ahead Curated by Rob Garrett The NZ Sculpture OnShore outdoor sculpture exhibition and biennial sculpture trail was established by a group of North Shore art lovers in 1994 to raise funds for NZ Women's Refuges, it has grown in size… Read more
    • Rob Garrett listening to Sharonagh Montrose's sound project at NZ Sculpture OnShore 2014; photo courtesy of Rob Garrett

Curator on RadioNZ

Interview on 10th Sculpture OnShore

Originally aired on "Sunday Morning" with Wallace Chapman; 2 November 2014. "Every two years the cliffs around Narrow Neck Beach in Auckland are decorated with some of the country's sculptures - everything from 3D art installations to lightworks to traditional stone sculpture." Read more
    • Collage of works by Sam Harrison, Jack Marsden-Mayer and Max Ernst, with Rob Garrett at RadioNZ

Interview on RadioNZ

Sculpture OnShore 10th edition

Originally aired on Upbeat, Tuesday 28 October 2014. Poland-based NZ Curator for NZ Sculpture OnShore discusses the 2014 biennial event.   Read more
    • Philip Clairmont, Country Carnivore Carnival (n.d.), oil on jute, 1440 x 940mm
    • Philip Clairmont, Self Portrait - Listening to Music (1982), 1550 x 750mm
    • Philip Clairmont, Self Portrait at 33 (1982)
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Philip Clairmont (NZ)

Country Carnivore Carnival (n.d.)

Philip Clairmont (NZ) Country Carnivore Carnival (n.d.) One of the striking things about Country Carnivore Carnival is the incredible downward vortex of energy that Clairmont (1949-1984) channels through the lowered head; down through the seated figure’s arms; and finally through the hand which grips a pencil… Read more

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