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    • Pat Hanly, Torso G, 1978

Pat Hanly (NZ)

Torso G, 1978

Pat Hanly’s Torso G comes more than a decade after he returns from five years in Europe and marks a time in his career when he said that everything, all the strands he had been working on, were coming together. The painting holds within it the… Read more
    • Patrick Hanly, New Order 28 Part II, oil on board 980 x 855, signed & dated 1963

Pat Hanly (NZ)

New Order 28 Part II, 1963

New Order 28 Part II (1963) is from a group of works that Pat Hanly created in the period immediately following his return from five years working in London, Amsterdam and Florence. When he returned, he was sceptical about staying in New Zealand, and intended rather… Read more
    • Gretchen Albrecht, Snake Charmer, 1976, acrylic on canvas 1500 x 1820

Gretchen Albrecht (NZ)

Snake Charmer, 1976

Gretchen Albrecht’s signature arc sweeps across Snake Charmer with its curved lines suggesting the sway of the snake charmer’s body and mesmerising flute; and the arc that later became synonymous with her name is explicitly foreshadowed here with great confidence and grace. Gretchen Albrecht was born… Read more
    • Michael Smither, Hills of Tongaporutu, 1972, oil on board, 1210 x 1210

Michael Smither (NZ)

Hills of Tongaporutu, 1972

Tongaporutu is a small pretty coastal settlement 67 kilometres north of New Plymouth at the mouth of the Mokau River lined with picturesque old-style family baches. Michael Smither, as we would expect, gives us a different vision of the place. The folksy charm of Smither’s rural… Read more
    • Gordon Walters, Untitled (Piano Keys), nd

Gordon Walters (NZ)

Untitled (Piano Keys), nd

Untitled (Piano Keys) is a remarkable work for the way it forms a stylistic bridge between Walters’ earliest abstract works and the final fifteen years of his oeuvre while he took a break from his koru paintings. The work also gives us a clue as to… Read more
    • Brent Wong, The Inquiry, 1970
    • Hiroshi Teshigahara, The Woman in the Dunes (1964)
    • Franklin J. Schaffner, Planet of the Apes (1968)
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Brent Wong (NZ)

The Inquiry, 1970

Even though there is a picturesque charm to ‘The Inquiry’, with its open sky, serene sand dunes and sea view, there is also a palpable sense of isolation and loss. The work seems haunted by powerful feelings and undercurrents; and Wong’s reputation as New Zealand’s under-rated… Read more
    • Edward Bullmore, Hikurangi No5, 1963, mixed media on canvas, 165 x 109 cm
    • Stanley Kubrick, A Clockwork Orange, 1971; Bullmore’s work right background in Mr Alexander set
    • Julian Dashper, Chain Frame 1992 and Here I was Given 1990-91
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Edward Bullmore

Hikurangi No5, 1963

Ted Bullmore’s story reads like the stuff of folklore and yet his place in popular accounts of New Zealand’s 20th century art history is somewhat obscure. He grew up in rural Southland; was a notable rugby player; is one of New Zealand’s earliest surrealist artists; gained… Read more

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