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Thanks Rob for a fabulous conversation. I didn't know what to expect, your insight and comments have been a revelation really, exceptionally valuable to me. I feel centred and excited. Artist

Rob Garrett specialises in helping artists/designers with their careers

  • How do I get exhibition opportunities (from project spaces to representation)?
  • How do I find the right creative and intellectual situations to sustain my career?
  • How do I get noticed and lift my reputation?
  • How do I export myself?
  • How can I be more business-like?
  • How do I make the best decisions about my future?

Rob can help you find the answer to these and many more questions. His advice and practical support has helped scores of artists/designers. Contact him now...

Make the complex simple

Rob Garrett's extensive experience in the visual arts/design and specialist knowledge resources ensure that he can assist with every aspect of your career development and art/design business. His flexible, consultative structure ensures you have the expert advice you need exactly when and how you need it.

When to use him

  • When you need specialist knowledge in any area of the visual arts/design
  • When you require independent and impartial advice on any aspect of contemporary art/design
  • When you need assistance managing the logistics of any visual arts/design project
  • When you need an international perspective on the development of any visual arts/design project

More about when to use Rob….

  • When you are thinking about gallery opoortunities or representation
  • When you want to raise your profile and build your artistic/design reputation
  • When you want someone to review your portfolio
  • When you want more time in the studio without altering your life-work balance
  • When you need to get noticed through marketing, promotion or media
  • When you want to get written about in an art/design magazine
  • When you want to tour an exhibition
  • When you want to know how to network effectively
  • When you need to get the attention of key decision makers
  • When you need advice on how to support yourself financially through your art/design work
  • When you want to sound advice on pricing or fees
  • When you need the know-how to develop and manage commissioned art/design works
  • When you want hands-on project management support for a commission
  • When you need to choose between different opportunities and set priorities
  • When you want practical and realistic planning advice
  • When you have to write project proposals
  • When you need to step back and see the big picture
  • When you need to understand exactly how the art world works
  • When you want an advocate
  • When you need unbiased and independent advice
  • When you want to know about which competitions, awards and residencies are best for you
  • When you need to make the most of an overseas trip for your professional development
  • When you want to be more business-like
  • When you need practical advice on budgets
  • When you want someone to act as a sounding-board for your ideas

Rob will help you develop clear-sighted goals and action plans that are practical and achievable.

He gives impartial, grounded and honest advice.

He has extensive experience in the visual arts/design field gained over more than 35 years.

Rob possesses comprehensive know-how and excellent professional networks through our varied work with artists/designers, galleries, education institutions, and government, corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

What others say about Rob Garrett

Thank you so much for the session, it was FANTASTIC and has got my mind buzzing with ideas and opportunities. Your encouragement and enthusiasm are both refreshing in the art world and just the kind of positive energy I need to keep me motivated. Artist

I was so impressed; blown away! Your work makes our job much less complex. Arts organisation

Many thanks for the encouragement and a life changing workshop. It has been a significant investment in my future; has rekindled my belief in my work; and helped me to plan a practical and achievable path towards my goals. The international perspective on the industry has been invaluable. Artist

I am feeling pretty empowered having you overseeing this side of the project. Artist

I find our meetings re-energising, and good for focussing too. Artist

I worked in close collaboration with Rob Garrett Contemporary Fine Art to develop and implement a media strategy for a controversial art work of mine in order to contribute to its positive public reception. Their knowledge and expertise not only ensured that my objectives for the project were exceeded, but that the entire process was made highly enjoyable. Artist

Contact Rob today.

    • Rob Garrett, advisory services to artists; Art Speed Dating evening, October 2011

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