Here is an introduction to some of my current projects; my recent publications about art; and examples of art that interests me. The complete archives can be found under Projects, Articles and What we're looking at.

Einführend finden Sie hier Informationen zu meinen aktuellen Projekten und jüngsten Publikationen. Dazu kommen außerdem einige Beispiele von künstlerischen Positionen, die mich interessieren. Das komplette Archiv finden Sie unter "Projekte", "Publikationen" und "Was wir interessant finden".

Oto wprowadzenie do niektórych z moich obecnych projektów, a także moje ostatnie publikacje na temat sztuki oraz przykłady artystycznych działań, które mnie interesują. Pełne archiwum można znaleźć w zakładkach Projekty, Artykuły i Na co patrzymy.

Вот описание некоторых из моих текущих проектов, мои последние публикации об искусстве, примеры, интересующего меня искусства. Полный архив можно найти в разделе "Проекты", "Статьи" и раздел "На что мы смотрим".

这里是我目前的一些项目的引进;最近我对艺术的出版物;和有趣的艺术。完整的档案,发现在以下几个部分:“艺术项目 / Projects”“出版物 / Articles”“有趣的艺术 / What we're looking at”.


Edward Bullmore

Hikurangi No5, 1963

    • Edward Bullmore, Hikurangi No5, 1963, mixed media on canvas, 165 x 109 cm
Ted Bullmore’s story reads like the stuff of folklore and yet his place in popular accounts of New Zealand’s 20th century art history is somewhat obscure. He grew up in rural Southland; was a notable rugby player; is… Read more

Brent Wong

Untitled 1974

    • Brent Wong, Untitled 1974, 51.8cm x 73.8cm
Brent Wong burst onto the local art scene in the early 1970s as a young man with original imagery, an impressive technical mastery and a refreshingly surrealist take on New Zealand land and sky. “Untitled 1974” is an… Read more

Lost in a dream

Curator's exhibition essay

    • Lost in a dream, exhibition view, Snake Pit; photograph by Rob Garrett
I think I’ve been here before, but I’m not certain: happily adrift among cuddled cats; flash-backs after a car crash; Mozart playing on a train; a date in the teacups; and hallucinations before sleep. “Lost in a dream”… Read more

Autumn in GdaƄsk

Foxes, fires and foreigners

    • Rebecca Ann-Hobbs, Ah-Round 2009; photo by Bogna Kociumbas
Rob Garrett reflects on his role as curator of “Unearthing Delights: Markets, Memories and Meetings”, the 5th edition of Narracje - Installations and Interventions in Public Space organised by Instytut Kultury Miejskiej (Gdańsk City Culture Institute) in partnership… Read more

Open Call: Proposals

NZ Sculpture OnShore 2014

    • Paul Hartigan, DoLPhiM 2012, NZ Sculpture OnShore; photo by Paul Hartigan
Paul Hartigan's site-specific project "DoLPhiM" (2012) was proposed during the Open Call for artist concepts for NZ Sculpture OnShore 2012. The Open Call for artist concepts for the 2014 NZ Sculpture OnShore exhibition is NOW CLOSED. If… Read more

A gaping hole

Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

    • In the Heart of the Country installation view with works by Pawel Althamer, Abraham Cruzvillegas and Slavs and Tatars; photo by Rob Garrett
In the Heart of the Country* Over the past two decades, art has regularly surpassed reality by widening the horizons of the imaginable. Yesterday’s transgressions are the norm today, and the subjects art is delving into now could… Read more