EN: Here is an introduction to some of my current projects; my recent publications about art; and examples of art that interests me: Projects, Articles and What we're looking at.
DE: Einführend finden Sie hier Informationen zu meinen aktuellen Projekten und jüngsten Publikationen. Dazu kommen außerdem einige Beispiele von künstlerischen Positionen, die mich interessieren: "Projekte", "Publikationen" und "Was wir interessant finden".
PL: Oto wprowadzenie do niektórych z moich obecnych projektów, a także moje ostatnie publikacje na temat sztuki oraz przykłady artystycznych działań, które mnie interesują: Projekty, Artykuły i Na co patrzymy.
RU: Вот описание некоторых из моих текущих проектов, мои последние публикации об искусстве, примеры, интересующего меня искусства: "Проекты", "Статьи" и раздел "На что мы смотрим".
CN: 这里是我目前的一些项目的引进;最近我对艺术的出版物;和有趣的艺术:“艺术项目 / Projects”“出版物 / Articles”“有趣的艺术 / What we're looking at”.


Two Earth Rooms

Walter de Maria and Olafur Eliasson

    • Walter de Maria, The New York Earth Room, 1977, DIA
With close affinities, but decades apart, two artists sought to transform the experiences and perceptions of museum-goers. Walter De Maria, The New York Earth Room, 1977. Long-term installation at Dia Art Foundation, 141 Wooster Street, New York… Read more


Lara Almercegui and shop renovations

    • Lara Almarcegui, Spanish pavilion, 55th Venice Biennale (2013); photo by Rob Garrett
At the 55th Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art, Lara Almarcegui filled the Spanish pavilion with mountains of precisely the materials and quantities of those materials - such as brick, concrete, cement, and glass - used by workers to… Read more

Pat Hanly (NZ)

Torso G, 1978

    • Pat Hanly, Torso G, 1978
Pat Hanly’s Torso G comes more than a decade after he returns from five years in Europe and marks a time in his career when he said that everything, all the strands he had been working on, were… Read more

Pat Hanly (NZ)

New Order 28 Part II, 1963

    • Patrick Hanly, New Order 28 Part II, oil on board 980 x 855, signed & dated 1963
New Order 28 Part II (1963) is from a group of works that Pat Hanly created in the period immediately following his return from five years working in London, Amsterdam and Florence. When he returned, he was sceptical… Read more

Gretchen Albrecht (NZ)

Snake Charmer, 1976

    • Gretchen Albrecht, Snake Charmer, 1976, acrylic on canvas 1500 x 1820
Gretchen Albrecht’s signature arc sweeps across Snake Charmer with its curved lines suggesting the sway of the snake charmer’s body and mesmerising flute; and the arc that later became synonymous with her name is explicitly foreshadowed here with… Read more

Michael Smither (NZ)

Hills of Tongaporutu, 1972

    • Michael Smither, Hills of Tongaporutu, 1972, oil on board, 1210 x 1210
Tongaporutu is a small pretty coastal settlement 67 kilometres north of New Plymouth at the mouth of the Mokau River lined with picturesque old-style family baches. Michael Smither, as we would expect, gives us a different vision of… Read more