Anastasia Klose (AU)

The Re-Living Room, Primavera 2012

    • ANASTASIA KLOSE, The Re-living Room 2012, Primavera 2012; photo by Tristan Derátz, courtesy MCA Sydney and the artist
    • Anastasia Klose provides a taste of The Re-living Room; photo by Penny Stephens courtesy of Sydney Morning Herald
    • Anastasia Klose, True Love 2009, DVD, video still; courtesy of the artist
    • Anastasia Klose, Film for My Nanna 2006, video still; courtesy of the artist
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Anastasia Klose was selected for the prestigious 2012 Primavera exhibition at the MCA in Sydney. For her presentation the Melbourne-based artist relocated to the MCA gallery to re-enact a two-month period of unemployment, watching television, eating junk food and dancing to music video clips in her endurance performance "The Re-living Room" (2012).

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We are a fan of her work and have also curated her in two projects:

"Lost in a dream" (Snake Pit, Auckland, 2012)

"Don't hold your breath" (NZ-Australian Program, AIVA Video Art Festival, Sweden, 2012)

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