Mildura Palimpsest #9

Symposium Talks October, 2013

    • Rob Garrett lecture for La Trobe University, State Library of Victoria; photo by Isabella Holding

"Invisibility, improbability, empty shoes and insistent communities: temporary public art strategies and cultural citizenship"

Lecture 1: Saturday 5 October; 9.00am – 12.30pm
Mildura Palimpsest #9 Symposium
Brian Grogan Theatre, La Trobe University, Benetook Avenue, Mildura, VIC, Australia

Lecture 2: Tuesday 8 October; 6.00pm
Lecture Series, Palimpsest at La Trobe
LUMA | La Trobe University Museum of Art; La Trobe Melbourne
State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

The presentation considers a number of temporary public art projects and strategies for community engagement and aesthetic activism, selected for what they might tell us about our way ahead. Looking ahead necessarily involves us in a dialogue with an historic process of which we are all, already a part. In exploring a burgeoning trend for participatory culture and political activism we will traverse 30 years and touch down in places as diverse Taksim Square in Istanbul; a watchtower in Treptow, Berlin; the gardens of Venice; bombed and burnt out ruins in Gdańsk, Poland; a storefront in Rogers Park on Chicago’s far north side; a housing estate in London’s Elephant and Castle district; a London battle of the bands; a claustrophobic basement in Sydney; community committees in France; and a wasp nest.

Slide show:

    • Rob Garrett, slide1
    • Rob Garrett, slide2
    • Rob Garrett, slide3; courtesy of Ines Tartler
    • Rob Garrett, slide4
    • Rob Garrett, slide5; courtesy of Alexandra Guillot
    • Rob Garrett, slide6; courtesy of Richard Crow
    • Rob Garrett, slide7_
    • Rob Garrett, slide8
    • Rob Garrett, slide9
    • Rob Garrett, slide10
    • Rob Garrett, slide11; courtesy of Marcus Coates
    • Rob Garrett, slide12; courtesy of HaHa
    • Rob Garrett, slide13; courtesy of HaHa
    • Rob Garrett, slide14; courtesy of Inigo Manglano-Ovalle and Street-Level Video
    • Rob Garrett, slide15; courtesy of Street-Level Video
    • Rob Garrett, slide16
    • Rob Garrett, slide17
    • Rob Garrett, slide18
    • Rob Garrett, slide19
    • Rob Garrett, slide20
    • Rob Garrett, slide21; courtesy of Grzegorz Klaman, Andrzej Awsiej and Wyspa Institute
    • Rob Garrett, slide22; courtesy of Katarzyna Malejka and Tomek Wlaźlak
    • Rob Garrett, slide23; courtesy of Juliette Laird
    • Rob Garrett, slide24
    • Rob Garrett, slide25
    • Rob Garrett, slide26; courtesy of Instytut Kultury Miejskiej, Gdańsk
    • Rob Garrett, slide27; courtesy of New Patrons
    • Rob Garrett, slide28; courtesy of New Patrons
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    • Rob Garrett speaking at Mildura Palimpsest No.9; photo by Jan van Schaik
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