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    • Collage of SCAPE8 projects and curator Rob Garrett
    • Nathan Pohio, Raise the anchor, unfurl the sails, set course to the centre of an ever setting sun! (2015)
    • Opening ceremony of documenta 14 at EMST, Athens, with curator Adam Szymczyk speaking & Nathan Pohio work
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Scape 8: New Intimacies

Public Art Christchurch Biennial

SCAPE 8 New Intimacies (October 3-November 15, 2015) ARTISTS: Nathan Pohio (NZ), Pauline Rhodes (NZ), Hannah Kidd (NZ), Fiona Jack (NZ), Judy Millar (NZ/DE), Peter Atkins (AU), Antony Gormley (UK) + #ThatTimeYouHelped (public PARTICIPATION project). Curator's essay: New Intimacies in a water city Dark matter now… Read more
    • Juliette Laird, Dreaming of summer 2013, Gdansk; photo by Ewelina Gerke

Pahiatua Children

Documentary on Polish regugees

Documentary "Polish Children of Pahiatua - 70th Reunion" This documentary provides some insights into the background for Juliet Laird's project in Gdańsk in 2013. The artist worked with several members of this Polish community in New Zealand. The film was made during the celebrations of the… Read more
    • Raymond McIntyre, Cityscape with Red Awning, n.d.

Raymond McIntyre (NZ)

Cityscape with Red Awning, n.d.

Once Raymond McIntyre reached London in 1909 and began to immerse himself in the European art world his eyes were opened and his painting took strong and long strides in the direction of the post-impressionist avant-garde. Cityscape with Red Awning has all the confidence and informal… Read more
    • Raymond McIntyre, Asters, n.d.

Raymond McIntyre (NZ)

Asters, n.d. (ca. pre-1909)

Asters is really a study of light. Even though the objects depicted – vase, flowers, table-top and wall – are rendered with a luscious impasto materiality, looking closely it is possible to see that McIntyre’s real love here is for the chromatic quality of light. Notice… Read more
    • Garth Tapper, The Racecourse, 1976

Garth Tapper (NZ)

Racecourse, 1976

Languid. An antipodean exhaustion – half pleasure, half resignation. The variety of haptic and emotional sensations conveyed by this painting are exquisitely nuanced given the strident tonal, colour and shape contrasts. Garth Tapper (1927-1999) was a master of the gestures of every part of the body.… Read more
    • Passive resistance, Istanbul, 19 June 2013; photographer unknown
    • The more you press, the bigger it gets, stencil, Gezi Park, 4-06-2013; photo Christiane Gruber; Woman in Red; photos by Osman Orsal
    • duranadam actions, 18 June 2013, Istanbul
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Insistent Communities

The limits of art; the failure of institutional practices; and the necessity for action

"The more you press, the bigger it gets" (Gezi Park stencil, 4 June 2013). In the present context of citizen activism and Occupy Movements that call for people's greater participation in public politics, what is the role of contemporary art in the public realm? There's been… Read more
    • Lipika Sen and Prabhjyot Majithia, Tricky Box 5 - The Curious Indian Water Well, 2014; photo by Rob Garrett
    • 10th NZSOS biennial, 2014 exhibition map
    • Rob Garrett onsite at NZ Sculpture OnShore 2014-11-05
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10th Sculpture OnShore

6-16 November 2014, Auckland NZ

Looking out, looking back and looking ahead Curated by Rob Garrett The NZ Sculpture OnShore outdoor sculpture exhibition and biennial sculpture trail was established by a group of North Shore art lovers in 1994 to raise funds for NZ Women's Refuges, it has grown in size… Read more

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