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Ines Tartler (DE)

Auto Garage: The Golden Garage Service 2009

Auto Garage: The Golden Garage Service 2009 is a public art project by Ines Tartler (DE) which took place in Auckland, New Zealand in May 2009. Berlin-based Tartler presented the project with the aid of a team of Golden Garage Service Attendants especially recruited for the project.… Read more
    • Art in public places: Auckland City Council’s public art policy, August 2008 (author: Rob Garrett)

Public Art Policy Project

Auckland's transformational shift 2008

Auckland City Council sought our help when they wanted to take a comprehensive look at their public art activities and their role in supporting, commissioning and legislating for public art in Auckland. Rob Garrett was asked to provide advice on council policy, processes, funding and organisational… Read more
    • Tony Oursler, Head Knocking, 2000; courtesy of the artist and Jensen Gallery


Gateway to the Pacific

In Auck­land, it is impos­si­ble to view the Pacific in the con­text of a kind of time­less past. The site of a rich Maori-European, post-colonial cul­ture and home to var­i­ous Pacific, South­east Asian and Euro­pean dias­po­ras, the city has become one of the most vibrant cul­tural… Read more

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