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    • Slide1 - Rob Garrett, LUX Helsinki presentation 08.01.2016
    • Slide2 - Rob Garrett, LUX Helsinki presentation 08.01.2016
    • Slide3 - Rob Garrett, LUX Helsinki presentation 08.01.2016
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Curating urban art

Presentation to LUX Helsinki 2016 Conference

Slides from my presentation Curating urban art as if I don't know what I'm doing ... 9 points of attraction ... at the LUX Helsinki Conference (January 2016) on the invitation of Ilkka Paloniemi, LUX Helsinki Director. Read more
    • Juliette Laird, Dreaming of summer 2013, Gdansk; photo by Ewelina Gerke

Pahiatua Children

Documentary on Polish regugees

Documentary "Polish Children of Pahiatua - 70th Reunion" This documentary provides some insights into the background for Juliet Laird's project in Gdańsk in 2013. The artist worked with several members of this Polish community in New Zealand. The film was made during the celebrations of the… Read more
    • Passive resistance, Istanbul, 19 June 2013; photographer unknown
    • The more you press, the bigger it gets, stencil, Gezi Park, 4-06-2013; photo Christiane Gruber; Woman in Red; photos by Osman Orsal
    • duranadam actions, 18 June 2013, Istanbul
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Insistent Communities

The limits of art; the failure of institutional practices; and the necessity for action

"The more you press, the bigger it gets" (Gezi Park stencil, 4 June 2013). In the present context of citizen activism and Occupy Movements that call for people's greater participation in public politics, what is the role of contemporary art in the public realm? There's been… Read more
    • Rebecca Ann-Hobbs, Ah-Round 2009; photo by Bogna Kociumbas
    • Gregory Bennett, Apokalypolis I 2013; photo by Rob Garrett
    • Granary Island, November 2014 (where the fox was encountered); photo by Rob Garrett
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Autumn in Gdańsk

Foxes, fires and foreigners

Rob Garrett reflects on his role as curator of “Unearthing Delights: Markets, Memories and Meetings”, the 5th edition of Narracje - Installations and Interventions in Public Space organised by Instytut Kultury Miejskiej (Gdańsk City Culture Institute) in partnership with Gdańskiej Galerii Miejskiej (Gdańsk City Gallery). In… Read more
    • NARRACJE 5 posters on ul. Świętojańska, Gdansk, 07-11-13; photo by Rob Garrett
    • Rob Garrett giving curator's tour; photo by Bogna Kociumbas
    • Narracje 5 poster (EN)
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Unearthing Delights

NARRACJE 2013, Gdansk, Poland

Unearthing Delights / Odkrywanie zachwyca Markets, Memories and Meetings / Targowiska, spotkania, wspomnienia 5th edition of NARRACJE – Installations and Interventions in Public Space 15-17 November 2013 Długie Ogrody / Long Gardens, Gdańsk, Poland Rob Garrett, Curator ORGANISER: Instytut Kultury Miejskiej / City Culture InstituteCO-ORGANISER:… Read more

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