Open Call: Corner

Project space in Auckland, NZ

    • Rubee Prattley-Jones, My Window 2016; photo courtesy of the artist
    • Alexandra Baumgartner, Audience, 2015 (detail); image courtesy of the artist
    • Robyn Walton, SERIOUSLY, NO GOODBYES (detail), 2016, Corner window gallery; photo courtesy of the artist
    • Brendan Moran, Barricading Solutions, 2014; photo courtesy of the artist
    • Matthew Cowan, Wardog; image courtesy of the artist
    • Karyn Taylor, Jacob's Ladder 2014, Corner; photo by Rob Garrett
    • Gill Gatfield, Suffragettes 2016, CORNER window gallery; photo courtesy of the artist
    • Karyn Taylor, Jacob's Ladder 2014, Auckland; photo by Rob Garrett
    • Sam Clague, IMPACT, 2017, detail; photo by the artist
    • Rozana Lee, Lost and Remembered, 2017; photos by the artist and Philip Tse
    • Donna-Marie Patterson, Purity of Light (in memory of Petrus), 2016; photo courtesy of the artist
    • Katrin Kampmann, The Future of an Illusion 2016, (detail), watercolour and woodcut; image courtesy of the artist
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Seeking Project Proposals:

Curator Rob Garrett seeks proposals from New Zealand and international artists with emergent practices and innovative projects for the Corner Window Gallery project space.

Proposals may include solo, or collaborative, or group projects. Applications will also be accepted from emerging curators who are proposing an emergent practice project with one or more artists.

The Corner Window Gallery programme commenced in February 2012 and since that time we have presented new projects every 6-to-8 weeks.

Corner Window Gallery is a unique and highly visible window project space on Karangahape Road in central Auckland, suited to site-specific and experimental practices. Corner Window Gallery is curated by Rob Garrett and hosted by PAC - Paterson Architecture Collective and Athfield Architects.

Please email your proposal to Rob Garrett, Curator ( Please refer to the site plan below (PDF and JPEG files); and see our current and archived projects here...

Join a great list of Corner Window Gallery exhibitors:
Ayesha Green (NZ) & Ross Forbes (NZ)
Priscilla Hunter (NZ)
Chelsea Rothbart (NZ)
Meggy Rustamova (BE/GE)
Holly Davies (NZ) & Zainab Hikmet (NZ) curated by Zoe Hoeberigs
Estella Castle (NZ)
Andrew de Freitas (NZ)
Jenny Horrell (NZ)
Sylvie Boutelje-Chasteau (NZ) & Erin Forsyth (NZ)
Reweti Arapere, curated by Rachelle Forbes
Oleg Polounine (RU/NZ)
Justyna Scheuring (PL/UK)
Natalie Tozer (NZ)
Karyn Taylor (NZ)
Matthew Cowan (NZ)
Brendan Moran (NZ)
Mickey Smith (US/NZ)
Alvin Xiong (NZ/CN)
Kathryn Stevens (NZ)
Glen Hutchins (NZ)
Alexandra Baumgartner (AT/DE)
Cleo Barnett (US/NZ)
Zuza Golińska (PL)
Susan Mabin (NZ)
Zoe Crook (NZ)
Catherine Cocker (NZ)
Robyn Walton (NZ)
Gill Gatfield (NZ)
Emma Wallbanks (NZ)
Rubee Prattley-Jones (NZ)
Katrin Kampmann (DE)
Donna-Marie Patterson (NZ)
Rozana Lee (ID/NZ)
Sam Clague (NZ)
Yukari Kaihori (JP/NZ)
Tales Frey (PO/BR)
Anh Tran (NZ)
Aaron Paterson & Sarosh Mulla (NZ)

Important information:

  • There is no closing date for this Open Call: we are interested in receiving proposals continuously.
  • There is no budget for the Corner programme. All projects are self-funded.
  • Sound and scent projects are excluded so as not to interfere with the activities of the architecture house that hosts the space.
  • To apply: please send images of the proposed project, brief artist/s statement including how the project suits the Corner site; artist CV/s; and selected images of recent projects you have completed.
  • Image files should be approximately 1000 x 1400 pixels (jpeg format preferred).
  • Please email your proposal to Rob Garrett, Curator, with 'Corner proposal' in the subject heading:
    • Corner window gallery volume of space
    • CORNER floor plan and elevation JPG 2168 x 1222 pxl
  • CORNER floor plan and elevation PDF
  • CORNER floor plan and elevation PDF

  • Download file
    • CORNER window gallery floor plan
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