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    • Passive resistance, Istanbul, 19 June 2013; photographer unknown
    • The more you press, the bigger it gets, stencil, Gezi Park, 4-06-2013; photo Christiane Gruber; Woman in Red; photos by Osman Orsal
    • duranadam actions, 18 June 2013, Istanbul
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Insistent Communities

The limits of art; the failure of institutional practices; and the necessity for action

"The more you press, the bigger it gets" (Gezi Park stencil, 4 June 2013). In the present context of citizen activism and Occupy Movements that call for people's greater participation in public politics, what is the role of contemporary art in the public realm? There's been… Read more
    • COMPANY, Sounds of Sea, 2011, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland; photo by Waterfront Auckland
    • COMPANY, Sounds of Sea, 2011, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland; photo by Waterfront Auckland
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Waterfront Public Art

Sounds of Sea by COMPANY

"Sounds of Sea" (2011) by Korean/Finnish artist duo Aamu Song and Johan Olin (COMPANY) was inspired by the sights and sounds of the Waitemata Harbour beneath the artists' feet as they explored the North Wharf in Auckland's brownfields Waterfront development. "Sounds of Sea" is one of… Read more
    • Auckland Council Public Art Policy publication; photo by Rob Garrett
    • Francis Upritchard, Loafers 2012, Symonds and Wellesley Streets; Auckland Council Learning Quarter public art commission; photo by Rob Garrett
    • Public Art Policy - Vision and Outcomes Table
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Public Art Policy

Auckland, New Zealand 2013

Auckland Council public art policy project Following the amalgamation of Auckland's eight local government bodies into a single region-wide Auckland Council on November 1, 2010, Rob Garrett was engaged by Auckland Council to lead the development of a new public art policy for regional Auckland. The… Read more
    • Ines Tartler, Auto Garage 2009, Auckland; photo by Rob Garrett

Q&A on Public Art Policy

Expanded imaginations

What exactly is a public art policy? I think at its most simple, and if it is a city council public art policy, it will cover five key areas. It will describe what public art is, and hopefully express this in such a way that gives… Read more
    • Neil Miller, Te tiaho o Matariki (the brightness of the Pleiades) 2011, Hamilton; photo by Rob Garrett
    • Kim Paton, Mind Map 2012, Anglesea wall, Hamilton; courtesy of Wintec Spark
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Public art plan

Hamilton, 2010-2020

Rob Garrett was commissioned by Hamilton City to develop a 10-year public art plan that would assist the City Council to prioritise decision making in respect to public art acquisition and investment for the city. While public art approaches, activities and objects can be understood as… Read more
    • Francis Upritchard, Loafers 2012, Symonds Street, Auckland, photo by Rob Garrett
    • Francis Upritchard at the launch of Loafers, 2012, photo by Rob Garrett
    • Taarati Taiaroa, Stickup 2010, Micro Sites, photo Auckland Council
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Public art plan

Auckland's Learning Quarter

Francis Upritchard, "Loafers" Francis Upritchard's new artwork "Loafers" (2012) in Auckland is the latest public art work to be developed from the city's Learning Quarter public art strategy, part of Auckland Council's award-winning 30-year Learning Quarter Plan. London-based Francis Upritchard (Walters Prize 2006 and… Read more
    • Art in public places: Auckland City Council’s public art policy, August 2008 (author: Rob Garrett)

Public Art Policy Project

Auckland's transformational shift 2008

Auckland City Council sought our help when they wanted to take a comprehensive look at their public art activities and their role in supporting, commissioning and legislating for public art in Auckland. Rob Garrett was asked to provide advice on council policy, processes, funding and organisational… Read more

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