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    • Brent Wong, Untitled 1974, 51.8cm x 73.8cm
    • Andrew Wyeth, Christina's World, 1948, 81.9 cm × 121.3 cm; collection of Museum of Modern Art, NYC
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Brent Wong

Untitled, 1974

Brent Wong burst onto the local art scene in the early 1970s as a young man with original imagery, an impressive technical mastery and a refreshingly surrealist take on New Zealand land and sky. “Untitled 1974” is an important bridge between the artist’s early influences and… Read more
    • Denise Batchelor, Ruru 2011; image courtesy of the artist
    • Denise Batchelor, Owl Breathing, 2009; image courtesy of the artist
    • Denise Batchelor, Kingfisher 2009; image courtesy of the artist
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Denise Batchelor

Stasis without death

Even though movement is always at least suggested in Batchelor’s works, her real interest lies in how things can become immobilised; in order to hold us, perhaps indefinitely, in the moment at the point we are captivated by what we are looking at. This is her… Read more
    • Belinda Griffiths & Rob Garrett, Estuary Artworks 2013 Supreme Award; photo courtesy of Rob Garrett
    • Belinda Griffiths, Turn of the Tide 2012, acrylic on canvas, 1000 x 1200mm; image courtesy of the artist
    • Bernie Harfleet, The story of an Estuary 2012, photograph, 420 x 390mm; image courtesy of the artist
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Judge: Estuary Artworks 2013

Uxbridge, Creative Arts Centre, NZ

The award Estuary Artworks (15 March – 26 April 2013) is an annual award exhibition run by Uxbridge and is in its 7th year.  The competition is open to all New Zealand permanent citizens and residents over the age of 16. Entrants are encouraged to creatively… Read more
    • Joanna Langford, The High Country 2012, commissioned by SCAPE Public Art; photo courtesy of the artist and SCAPE

Joanna Langford

The High Country: SCAPE project realised

Finally, after the disruption of the tragic earthquakes in Christchurch, Joanna Langford's public art project "The High Country" was realised: "The High Country" by Joanna Langford is an aerial utopian city installation that appears to be floating above its urban surroundings in central Christchurch. "The High… Read more
    • Chelsea Rothbart, Single wax fold (detail) 2012, NZ Sculpture OnShore 2012; photo by Rob Garrett
    • Natalie Guy's elegant columns at Sculpture OnShore.
    • Children at play in Miriam van Wezel's project at Sculpture OnShore.
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Sculpture OnShore III

NZ Sculpture Biennial 2012

8-18 November 2012... NZ Sculpture OnShore is a biennial outdoor exhibition of the work of New Zealand artists across all genres and disciplines. Since its inception in 1995 the exhibition has become a major event on Auckland's North Shore and one of New Zealand’s largest outdoor… Read more
    • Michael Smither, “Family in the Van” 1971, oil on canvas, 487 x 632mm
    • Colin McCahon, “North Otago landscape no. 2” 1967
    • Colin McCahon, “Takaka: night and day” 1948
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Michael Smither

Family in the Van, 1971

Where are they? Which part of New Zealand stands in for the holy land in this family portrait, with Michael Smither’s wife Elizabeth showing the weariness of family road trips and the faces of the two children still enlivened by the adventure? The landscape suggests Otago;… Read more
    • Neil Miller,
    • Neil Miller, Te tiaho o Matariki (concept drawing) 2011, image courtesy of the artist
    • Neil Miller, Te tiaho o Matariki (the brightness of the Pleiades) 2011, Hamilton; rendering courtesy of the artist and Reset Urban Design
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Neil Miller (NZ)

Te tiaho o Matariki, Hamilton

Neil Miller, “Te tiaho o Matariki” (the brightness of the Pleiades): The sculpture represents Pleiades in the form of a growing vine, with the stars of Matariki forming the fruit on the vine. It honours the city’s first inhabitants (Garden Place was first used by Maori… Read more

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